Monday, 18 July 2016

Play hard and love your school's artificial grass!

Child plays happily on artificial grass
This morning I was out and about at local schools with a photographer capturing the children's delight as they played on our artificial grass.

It was fantastic to see how the children reveled in the different worlds that they were able to create - with dinosaurs and diggers, tea cups and teapots transporting them away from the fact they were just playing on artificial grass.

To these happy little souls, our grass really is as good as the real thing.

So it seems to me that artificial grass is perfect for creating spaces, whether indoor or out, in which children can play happily, without worries of getting overly muddy or hurting themselves. Whether they were doing roly polies, sitting and reading books or building a tower, the grass provided a safe and comfortable surface for them. Perfect!
A creative space in which children can flourish