Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Oh to relax on a beautiful lawn!

After a bank-holiday of brilliant weather, don't we all just wish we could have relaxed on our lawn without having to think about mowing it, or fertilizing it, or even watering it?

Some of you may already have an artificial lawn, and will be feeling smug. Yes, you have been able to let your children and dogs play all day on your green grass, and have enjoyed the evening sun without the stress of having to think about keeping your lawn perfect.

So what maintenance do we have to carry out on fake grass?
Pets love artificial grass!

Well, once it is installed, it is fairly minimal. We suggest you brush it every so often to keep leaves and other organic material off it - this is really important in autumn.

If your pets play and run around on it, they are likely to also poo and wee on it - you just need to pick the poo up as you would normally, and then hose it down or, if you want, use warm soapy water to wash the grass - the water will flow away freely as rain does.

With so little maintenance required, you can relax with your glass of wine and spend more time tending to your plants and flowers, playing with your children, or just taking it easy!
Enjoy your artificial lawn - made for living!