Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Ever thought of using Coloured Grass in your displays?

Our Artificial Grass isn't just used for standard gardens and lawns you know?

We get a lot of requests for display grass to be used in retail businesses, for theatre groups as part of their stage props, train station displays and also more recently for a ship....yes we said ship!

We have recently supplied Maryport Town Council with some of our black coloured grass from our Lifestyle Fun range to use in an impressive display in the town centre. The ship playing homage to the towns coastal and shipping history.

This is definitely one of our more unusual uses for our grass, and as you can see works really well.

The flower display is in full bloom, and the beauty of using our grass is that it will last all year round!

We'd love to see some more pictures if you have used artificial grass for something other than your garden! Please send them to