Thursday, 7 May 2015

Installing your Artificial Grass

So you've made your decision, tried out your samples, and bought your brand new artificial grass. What next??

Many people think that installing the artificial grass is going to be hard work, and not worth all the effort, but they couldn't be more wrong. And once you have it installed, you can immediately start to enjoy the benefits of a lush lawn, without any of the worries on maintenance. 

Not only can we recommend various installers who we work with on a regular basis throughout the UK, we also have detailed instructions available so you can install your new artificial grass yourself, saving you money. 

If you are planning on installing your grass yourself, follow our simple instructions online.

Depending upon the base onto which you are laying your grass, the instructions are slightly different, so make sure you follow the right ones!

Good Luck, and enjoy your grass!