Thursday, 10 April 2014

New website launched to help make your grass greener

Artificial Grass Ltd have recently launched a brand new website to promote and sell their wide range of products.
The new website is designed to enable customers to easily browse the various grass products on offer and buy online there and then direct from the manufacturer.
Artificial Grass Ltd is the oldest artificial grass factory in Britain and the only UK synthetic grass manufacturer selling direct to the domestic and landscaping sectors. 
There are various different ranges of grasses available including a brand new colourful  range called Lifestyle Fun, which would be ideal for families and community play areas.  
Samples can be ordered to try before you buy, and lots of information is online to help the customer in making their decision.
To assist in the whole process, there are detailed instructions if the customer wishes to install the grass at home themselves, or alternatively recommended installers who Artificial Grass Ltd work with regularly throughout.
Phil Nichols, Manufacturing Director at Artificial Grass Ltd commented ‘We want to continue to grow our residential sales, and the new website is the ideal portal to achieve this. It gives the customer all the information they need and allows them to buy online very easily from us’
The website was designed by Adalente Design, and will be jointly managed by the team at Artificial Grass Ltd.
Lucy Hardy, Marketing Manager said ‘We have concentrated on making the website very user friendly, while still detailing our wide range of products. We have also launched a new Facebook Page and Twitter Page for Artificial Grass Ltd so our customers can keep in touch, and send us their pictures of their new gardens’