Wednesday, 15 January 2014

From Authors To Painters: Grass Is Greener In Fife

We recently wrote in praise of the benefits of artificial grass installation and quoted an example of a customer in Fife, Scotland. After publishing the article we stopped to think and asked ourselves how much we knew about Fife. Being honest .... very little! So we set about reading upon on Fife and thought we would share some really interesting facts about is history and people.

First of all, do you know anyone from Fife in Scotland? If so you will also know that they have a special name ... Fifers.

Looking through a list of famous Fifers you can't help but notice how many rugby players hail from this part of Scotland. Clearly they're a fit and sporty type of people! And although sport plays a part in the life of the town, it is the world of art to which several famous Fifers belong. These include the following:

Ian Rankin
Arguably the most famous Scottish writer living.

Iain M Banks
Author of the culture novels and sadly recently departed.

Val McDiarmid
Lady of thrillers and psychology writing. Do you recall Wire in the Blood?

And, last but not least .... the inimitable Jack Vetriano, a great Fifer who painted the Singing Butler.

So let's celebrate the culture of Fife and whilst we are celebrating let's also toast our happy customer who was happy to share the story of his artificial grass installation here. If you look at the photos they sent in to us we are sure you will agree how much more colourful and attractive a patio can be when quality artificial grass carpet is installed.

NOTE: Don’t have a patio? Perhaps you have a balcony instead or an area of wooden decking that needs a makeover. Many people don’t realise just how versatile artificial grass is and how it can make areas like this so much more usable and attractive.

Look at these 2 photos for example, sent in to us by customers who installed our artificial grass ...

Friends enjoying a weekend lunch on
balcony with artificial grass carpet

Artificial grass offers a soft, underfoot experience
for relaxing reading on the balcony
Whatever area you have available, it can be made all the more enjoyable with artificial grass .... and you don't have to be in Fife for that!