Thursday, 12 December 2013

Artificial Grass In Unlikely Places

Most people's visualization of artificial grass would be a lush-looking, rich green lawn or a mud-free play area for their children in the back garden. ie. they imagine a context where you normally expect to see natural grass but benefiting from the many advantages that synthetic grass carpet can offer.

However, artificial grass can be used in a plethera of places where natural grass would never be used.

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Another use is in fashion shows and wedding showcases most of which take place indoors in the winter so that brides to be can plan ahead for their Spring or Summer wedding.The designers of these shows love to add colour and a sense of the outdoors to their sets and artificial grass carpet has become very popular for this type of use.

What's surprising, however, is not so much the use of the grass carpet but the venues where you will see it being used. There are some quite unlikely places!

The photographs below were taken at the Caen Hôtel de Ville, a magnificent historic building next door to
the Abbaye Aux Hommes in Normandy's capital city. Not exactly where you would expect to see roll upon roll of artificial grass being delivered and laid out! However, given its central city location, wonderful architecture, historic past and vast amount of indoor space filled with light, it makes an ideal venue for exhibitions and shows. 

The Hotel de Ville is on the left, the Abbaye aux Hommes on the right

Extra note: For anyone thinking of visiting Normandy, the Abbaye at Caen is a must-see. Built by William The Conqueror himself and where he was laid to rest on his death in 1087.