Saturday, 30 November 2013

Grass Carpet Patio Makeover In Fife

This year has been a great season for our artificial grass factory and, having supplied many thousands of square metres of our grass carpet, it is rewarding for us to see photographs of how it's been used. We have already shared some of these with you in recent months - for those who missed the stories click here to read about the Chinnock family's grass delight in Colchester and here for the dogs who love their Lifestyle Grass. 

What really surprises us, however, is the sheer variety of photographs we are sent. We already knew that there are many applications for artificial grass carpet but seeing how our customers have actually used the product to create a fresh, new look for their patio or garden or balcony brings an extra and more tangible dimension to that knowledge.

Take this photograph for example sent in to us by a customer in Fife, Scotland.

Patio makeover using artificial grass carpet

They had a small patio area which they wanted to makeover to provide a more appealing leisure area. Our grass carpet was the ideal choice and provided them with greater benefits than concrete or stone paving. What might those benefits be? Well, you can read the fully story and see more photographs sent in by our happy customer on our Fife artificial grass page.

NOTE: If you want to see more convincing photographic evidence of the benefits of artificial grass click here to visit our Before and After Gallery. When it comes to artificial grass it really is true that pictures speak louder than words!