Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The Changing Seasons & Artificial Grass

Here in Britain, the summer is over, the autumn leaves have been falling steadily for some time and the days are beginning to shorten. When you turn your clock back 1 hour on 27 October, you will have different things on your mind, and amongst them might be .... your garden.

Autumn is the time of year when enjoyment of the outdoors changes because of the weather. Increasingly wet and cold weather as so often prevails on our island, means that those with a garden have a different 'to do' list to consider.

They have to do, of course will depend upon whether they have natural grass or artificial grass installed.

For the owner of a natural grass lawn They will breathe a sigh of relief at the idea of putting the mower away and saving on those endless hours of grass cutting they endured in the spring and summer. However, it's a short lived bonus because, before long, the rain and cold will render their lawn muddy, unusable and discoloured. Moreover, children and pets will be restricted in their use of the garden - unless you don't mind having to clean up after a mud bath! These photographs speak louder than any words can about this issue

Muddy natural grass lawn of one of our customers

Their new, mud-free artificial lawn in the same garden

For the owner of an artificial grass lawn There's no mower to put away, they can reflect on having enjoyed more leisure hours in the spring and summer and they can look forward to a consistently green-looking lawn. Their children and pets can go out and play without bringing mud inside the house too. The 'work' they have to do to keep their lawn in tip top condition is minimal - essentially just:

Tip 1. If there are any fallen leaves on the lawn, just lightly rake them away. The idea is to prevent the leaves rotting and creating mulch below the fibres.

Tip 2. Do a quick visual check for mushrooms and toadstools. With damper weather they can pop up unexpectedly at this time of year.

That's pretty much it :)

Do you own a natural grass lawn and feel envious? It might be the perfect time to plan ahead for next spring - go to the Artificial Grass Ltd website and check out our FAQ, customer testimonials page and before and after photo galleries. Then visit our Online Store to view a selection of the quality grass carpet which we produce here in our factory in Maryport. What's more you can call us for any advice and our experienced staff will be pleased to guide you.