Sunday, 28 July 2013

Ultra Violet Light & Artificial Grass

As manufacturers of artificial grass we have a natural interest in the history of our product and its development. Today we'd like to share with our readers an insight into just one of the technical aspects of grass carpet production - the effects of ultra violet light.

It is well known that early forms of artificial grass suffered from degradation through exposure to ultra violet light and this would be readily evident, as follows:

a) by a whitening of the strands (a chalky appearance)
b) by a loss in their tensile strength

In countries with a high number of annual hours of direct sunlight this degradation could start to show within as little as 2 years. NOTE: To be fair this impact relates to all plastics and not just artificial grass - eg. think of the plastic climbing frames which many families have in their gardens for their children to play on and how the older frames can whiten and crack.

The actual damage done by UV rays can be complicated by other factors as well such as the interaction with humidity and the actual ambient temperature. So when assessing the likely life of plastics you also need to know the geography of where the product will be used.

How to counteract this UV damage? Thankfully, due to extensive research and testing over the years, there are now ways in which a manufacturer can tackle this including the addition of stabilisers, absorbers or blockers. Here at Artificial Grass Ltd our products are tested to ISO standards for UV resistance.

As a result of this UV protection, there has been a significant increase in interest to use artificial grass for desert and semi-arid environments. Think of the luxury hotels in Las Vegas or the Gulf states and imagine the water requirement to keep natural grass lawns lush and fresh! 

Here are 2 great examples of our UV stabilised artificial grass being installed in hot climates:
Artificial lawn at a leisure complex on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus

Roadside grass verges in Oman
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