Monday, 8 July 2013

Lifestyle Grass & Happy Dogs

Some of our artificial grass customers have recently been sending in photographs taken during or after the installation of their new artificial lawns. Amongst them are two which made us all smile and we'd like to share them with you today.

This happy pooch looks like he's on double guard dog duty - guarding his ball AND his grass!

This next photograph is a little more animated with two canine pals obviously having a great time playing on their new artificial lawn.

The benefits of installing an artificial grass where your dog can play go way beyond just his fun of course:
  • Some dogs are actually allergic to natural grass, suffering a canine form of hay fever so having an artificial lawn can help solve that potential problem too. Looking into your pet dog's streaming eyes after you've just mowed the lawn is no joke!
  • Then there's the issue of hygiene to consider. With artificial grass dog urine washes through just as it would with natural grass. Cleaning up any poop is easy - just scoop up and dispose of as you would normally and then with a hose or bucket of water just wash away any remaining traces. NOTE: There are disinfectant sprays we can recommend to clean the grass carpet. Just email us if you want more information.
  • With an artificial lawn your dog will also probably get to go outside in the garden more often, even in winter or when it's wet - a natural lawn of course can degrade in poor weather so with our grass carpet installed it becomes an 'all year round' usable area.
  • In addition to all of this, there are the benefits to the dog's owners. No more muddy paw-prints in the house and no more trying to patch up the lawn after the dog's been trying to dig its way down to Australia!
You can read more on the subject on our dedicated artificial grass for pets page. All in all, we think our grass carpet makes for a very happy dog's life :)