Thursday, 18 July 2013

Grass Carpet On The High Seas

Looking back over our older blog posts * it was nearly 6 years ago that we first wrote about the use of artificial grass for boat decking. It was inspired by a call from a customer needing a solution to the odours his boat deck seemed to absorb (petrol spills, seawater exposure, etc) and made us realise quite early on how wide a range of applications our grass carpet product is suited to.

Since then the cruise ship holiday market has continued to grow and is said to be the fastest growing sector of the travel industry as a whole. There has also been growth in unexpected areas such as the design and build of boats specifically for the maintenance of wind farms and of course small yachts remain as popular as ever.

Looking around the market at the moment there are a wide range of choices for a yachtsman when it comes to covering the boat deck. In addition to artificial grass there's the following ...
Special fibreglass coverings
Rubber mats
Sea carpets
In our research on the subject we have also seen coverings used for pontoons, access ramps and stairs on boats and yachts. So clearly there is a growing requirement for good boat decking - but how do you know what is the best solution?

One of the key areas to look at is whether or not the decking will help to reduce the danger of slipping. To do this the HSE recommends what is called a pendulum test to measure exactly how slippery a surface is. When you walk on wet decking the primary point of contact is initially with your heels and the danger of slipping comes from a small area of water under the heel. There is a machine which simulates the process and will give you are measure to compare against normal and dangerous ranges. It can even be changed to represent a bare foot or a shod foot!