Wednesday, 19 June 2013

What's In A Name When It Comes To Artificial Grass?

We are Artificial Grass Ltd - a company name that reflects perfectly what we manufacture and sell. Nice and simple, no complications, easy to remember and, most importantly, made in Britain.

It is interesting to note, however, that sometimes when we speak to customers they will occasionally use other words to describe the product. So when we market our artificial grass we naturally try to understand as much as possible about how it is searched for by both the consumer and the retailing markets.

According to our research including results from Google Trends, the growth in UK searches for our product incorporating the word 'grass' has risen dramatically since 2004 and currently outstrips all other comparative terms such as artificial turf and artificial lawn. The dominant use of 'grass' is very noticeable with ratios in the region of 100:13:17.

Numbers and words are one thing, but what about geographical data? Well, dig deeper into the statistics and you can get to see some fascinating trends here too. For example, we looked at the relative interest in our product across the cities of England. You might think London would be top of the list but you would be wrong! London comes in at only #6 with 'artificial grass in Manchester'
above it and the other top 4 places all belonging to North of England cities too.

We have yet to identify why the North of the country favours artificial grass so much more than anywhere else but it is just possible that the wet summers of the last few years in that area have rendered many gardens virtual mud baths. Artificial grass of course renders muddy, unusable lawns a thing of the past!

These photographs were taken after the installation of our grass carpet in Manchester. The customer wanted to revamp their garden and opted to blend new paving in alongside artificial lawned areas.