Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Go Local With Artificial Grass

As the leading British manufacturer of artificial grass selling direct to consumers, we naturally deal with many enquiries. Most of the questions we are asked can be answered by visiting the artificial grass FAQ section on our website. However, there is one question we are asked a lot and it's easy to answer right here and now - just by clicking a link!

If I want to buy artificial grass made by Artificial Grass Ltd, can I get someone local to install it for me?

Yes! Just visit our Grass Installer/Distributor section, select your county and click 'Search'.

The results will list companies approved by Artificial Grass Ltd to install/distribute our artificial grass products. You will see a company name, address, telephone number along with some information on their profile and the county/counties they cover.

Here is a great example  ...
  • you live in Newcastle and want an artificial lawn installed. 
  • search our Grass Installer/Distributor section by selecting 'Tyneside' 
  • click on 'Total Driveways'
    This is one of our most pro-active artificial grass installers who also offers a paving and landscaping service (see photo above)
  • visit the artificial grass section of their website, call them or use the email enquiry form on our Installer/Distributor page 
Now that's how to 'go local' whilst buying from a leading, nationwide manufacturer!