Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Humans, Animals, Fish - Artificial Grass Helps Them All

If you read about artificial grass - whether it's on our website or in the media - you become instantly aware of how it offers lots of benefits. Recently we sat down and assessed the scope of these benefits and were amazed to realise just how much artificial grass actually helps both people and animals.

To demonstrate this we have listed some of the many advantages of artificial grass along with links to a series of dedicated blog posts which offer more detail. So if, as the Spring approaches, you are considering investing in artificial grass, why not sit down with a cup of tea or coffee, relax and prepare for an enlightening reading session! 

Grass allergies - people who suffer from 'hay fever' can have an allergy to grass, especially when it's freshly cut. So why mow the lawn ever again? Get that artificial lawn installed! Read more

Dogs can suffer just as much as humans when it comes to allergies -

Avoid grass mower accidents - the statistics of lawn mower accidents make frightening reading! 

Fake grass verges, footpaths - avoid the mud and enjoy green all year round like these villagers in the Cotswolds -

Rooftop gardens - artificial grass can help create a garden type environment where you can relax and in a space where previously it was thought impossible. More here:

Enviro friendly chicken houses - artificial grass helping to make happier hens. More here:

Fish - yes, it's not just land-based animals that can benefit from artificial grass, but the fish too!