Thursday, 14 February 2013

Artificial Grass – The Inside Story

Let’s face it, most people find the words ‘inside story’ irresistible. There’s an inference of secrets being told and the chance to learn something that you never knew before. Today we share with you a definitive inside story but it’s not about some movie star or sporting celebrity – it’s about artificial grass!

Artificial grass is now well established product, not just in the UK but all over the world from Europe to the USA, Middle East and Australia. With homeowners it is popular for lawns, patios, pathways, play areas and decking cover, with landscapers for creative yet practical landscaping projects such as roof gardens and with sports facilities for quality playing surfaces. 

Considering all of these uses, it would be easy to assume that artificial grass has fulfilled its potential as a lifestyle product … but that is where you would be very much mistaken and that’s where the 'inside story' comes in.

Artificial grass carpet is an incredibly practical, hard-wearing and versatile product that lends itself to lots of uses indoors where real grass or standard textile carpet just doesn't work. Here are just a few examples:

Offices & Home Studies
Shop Window Displays
Theatre & Television

Oh and don’t forget the animals indoors!

Many people keep reptiles as pets and grass carpet can be really useful for keeping a vivarium clean. It is easy to remove, rinse off and replace (far better than newspaper or some old piece of textile carpet that has to be thrown away).

Want to learn more about the many uses of artificial grass? Click here and you might just begin to see why now is the time for everyone to realise its true worth :)