Thursday, 20 December 2012

Artificial Grass Decorations

Decorations are on everyone's mind at this time of year so today we thought we would touch on the subject of decoration but with a different twist.

Artificial grass has many uses which we have covered extensively in previous posts. These include artificial grass for dogs, artificial lawns and artificial grass for balconies, all of which keep us busy here at our UK grass factory day in and day out.

What never ceases to amaze us is, however, is the range of more abstract ways in which people find a use for artificial grass. The decorative industry is a good example of this and in North America they seem to be pushing the boundaries and leading the way. Labelled as 'artificial moss' decorations, these bunnies are from a range of decorative products now being produced using artificial grass .....

The reason behind the idea, from what we have read, is that many people spend too much time on their computers and need to rest their eyes periodically. So having decorations on their desk or nearby which are easy on the eye in shape, texture and colour can help with this ... apparently. We've also seen squirrels, birds and frogs in this format.

Whether this kind of idea will ever catch on remains to be seen. For our part, having no commercial interest in such things, we are sitting on the proverbial fence. Our focus remains firmly on serving the established and very real need for quality artificial grass for use by homeowners. If you fit that category, then visit our artificial grass store today and check out some of the amazing deals we currently have on offer.