Thursday, 22 November 2012

Winter Grass For Pets

November is here and winter looms large. For dog owners, in particular, the winter months can be a challenge. Where do they take the dog for walks without getting too muddy on the all too common rainy days we endure here in the UK? Moreover, even if they brave the weather, they have the prospect of cleaning up muddy paws and fur when they get home or, if the dog excitedly runs into the house before they can do this, they'll be cleaning up dirty pawprints on the floor and furniture!

Here is an example of what we mean ....

This is Meg and Tess - 2 border collies that love to get out for exercise. This particular photograph was taken in the Northumberland countryside and in fair weather it is inarguably a wonderful place for dogs to exercise ... but when it's rain sodden and muddy it's a different matter!

Now if their owner had the option of an artificial grass lawn at home, then on really bad weather days he would be able to let them out for a run around, played some 'chase and fetch' with their favorite toys and then readily allow them back indoors. The most he would need to do would be to give their paws a quick wipe with paper to dry them off. Job done :)

Now just may be the time to say goodbye to muddy pawprints in the house and install artificial grass in your garden.

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