Monday, 10 September 2012

Tomorrow's Grass Today - Foretold In 1968

In our last post we reflected on the diversity of contexts in which artificial grass has a positive role to play. We looked at some of the more unusual themes that we have covered to date - how scientists are using artificial grass to boost fish stocks and how pets with hay fever can find an artificial grass lawn much more enjoyable to play on.

Today we continue to reflect, but this time looking back further, much further - to 1968! In the 1960s artificial grass had a poor reputation. Lacking in quality, it was generally referred to as 'plastic' grass with an inference of 'plastic' being inferior. It was nothing like the new generation of artificial grass available today where the quality of modern yarns and the enhancements of UV stabilisation and fire retardancy make today's artificial grass, such as we produce in our artificial grass factory, a genuine quality product which can bring many benefits to people's lives. Here is a photograph sent in by one of our customers who was delighted to tell us the difference our artificial grass has made to their lives - and their dog's life!

Back in 1968, however, no-one knew that artificial grass would become a popular, 'lifestyle' product.
Or did they?

We discovered a fascinating video clip from the BBC's archives, filmed in London in 1968 for the programme 'Tomorrow's World' in which James Burke waxed lyrical about the Artificial Garden Of Tomorrow. There were the inevitable 'tongue-in-cheek' references thrown in when describing the 'multiseasonal garden' as he referred to it, such as the suggestion of planting plastic flowers alongside your plastic grass (cleaning the flowers with an aerosol polish and duster!), but the essence of what James Burke said actually foretold the future as we know it today.

This is how he described the artificial lawn on which he was sitting ...

"You don't have to roll it, mow it, seed it or do any of the things you're supposed to do for 500 years to end up with an English lawn like a billiard table that everybody else envies".

We couldn't have put it any better  :-)