Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Whatever The Weather - With Artificial Grass

The British weather in 2012 has so far played havoc with our enjoyment of the outdoors, particularly our gardens. We have had to contend with a whole spectrum of weather conditions - weeks of drought fighting with hosepipe bans through to periods of record rainfall, creating nothing short of mud baths in many well-used back gardens!

This is not a worry, though for anyone who has installed artificial grass.

If there's a drought, it's not an issue because they don't need to water the lawn and, what's more, when the neighbour's lawn looks tired, pale and yellow, their artificial lawn will shimmer a glorious green in the sunshine.

If there's record rainfall, it's not an issue either. Whilst the neighbour's children and pets can't use  their lawn in between showers without risk of a mud bath, your family won't have the same problem.

So take the worry out of the weather where your lawn is concerned and install artificial grass today!