Monday, 27 August 2012

Artificial Grass Reflections - From Fish To Hay Fever

To date we have covered just about every aspect of artificial grass - from its benefits to its many uses, its suitability for pets and play areas through to advice on installing artificial grass and more. We have also reached out beyond the scope of consumer sales and covered news stories when artificial grass has hit the headlines. Today we reflect on some of the most fascinating and unusual which we hope you will enjoy.

Even The Fish Seem To Like Artificial Grass
Artificial grass hit the scientific news headlines when it was revealed that scientists had been using artificial grass to try and boost fish stocks.

Flying Pets And Artificial Grass
Doggie bathrooms at selected airports in the USA where artificial grass is used. They even have fake fire hydrants!

Artificial Grass - An Ally For Pets With Hay Fever
At this time of year it’s not only humans suffer that can suffer from hay fever!

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