Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Beat The Drought With Artificial Grass

The current UK drought is beginning to take its toll. As we reported in our last grass blog post, British wildlife is being hit hard from birds to fish to insects and amphibians and we need to do all we can to save water. The average person in England and Wales uses a massive 150 litres of water per day and when you think about that it's quite staggering. No-one needs 150 litres of water per day!

Look around and you will see an increasing number of lawns turning yellow and patchy due to lack of rain and hosepipe bans. It's a sorry sight. Not only that but the hard, dried surface isn't much fun for children and pets to play on in the sunshine.

The answer? Install an artificial lawn :)

Here is a typical dried, yellow lawn photographed before artificial grass was installed

 Here is the very same lawn after the installation - soft and green!

If these pictures don't convince you of the worth of installing artificial grass then visit our Before & After Grass Gallery for even more examples. You'll be surprised!