Monday, 20 February 2012

Enhancing The Landscape With Artificial Grass

One of the best uses of artificial grass is for landscaping. The advantages of artificial grass over natural grass in this particular medium are manifold. From saving time to saving money to helping the environment, installing artificial grass can be one of the best things you ever do to improve your garden AND your lifestyle.

Our network of artificial grass installers across the UK has expanded beyond our expectations in recent years with more and more landscaping companies realising the benefits that artificial grass can bring to their landscaping projects. From homeowners to residential homes, schools and more, increasing numbers of people and organisations are having landscaping done with artificial grass.

Our artificial grass online store details all the grass carpet products we currently manufacture and to be sure you know which grass product suits you best we even have a grass comparison chart. So if you want to know, for example, which of our grass products is suitable for pets or is fire resistant tested, the chart will tell you.

Once you are confident about which type of grass suits your requirements you can then look for a local artificial grass installer by searching our network of installers/distributors. Some of our installers even have their own artificial grass display gardens where customers can see for themselves just how effective the product is in a landscaping context.

If you want to combine effective landscaping with a good lifestyle and at the same time make long-term savings on time and money, there is no question in our minds ...artificial grass is not just as good as grass ... it's better!

** Artificial Grass Landscapers Open Day - 22 February 2012 ** - only 2 places left!