Wednesday, 21 December 2011

When Artificial Grass Makes Play More Fun

Artificial grass is most often in people's minds when approaching Spring and then of course through the summer months when everyone wants to spend more time outdoors and in the garden.

At this time of year (winter), therefore, you might think that artificial grass has little relevance - but you would be wrong! The use of artificial grass indoors has grown significantly in recent years. From schools to nurseries, craft workshops to tourist attractions, there is a wide range of instances where artificial grass is now coning into its own for indoor activities.

In our range of Lifestyle® Grass we have pile heights from 10mm up to 30mm, offering a wide choice  to anyone thinking of using artificial grass in an indoor application.

Here is a photograph of our Lifestyle® Lawn grass (30mm) being used within an indoor activity area at Hampton Court Palace ...

The colour and texture of the grass offers a perfect compliment to the other items as this close-up shot demonstrates ...

So when you next think about artificial grass, remember it's all all year round product!