Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Artificial Grass For Dogs

Artificial grass can transform your life, of that we have no doubt. From removing the need to mow and maintain the lawn to having an all year round green that pleases the eye when you look out on to your garden, the advantages of artificial grass are manifold.

Life changing experiences, however, are not just restricted to people ... pets too deserve a good quality of life. Take dogs for example. As any dog owner knows, having a grassed area close to the house where their dog can enjoy fresh air is a bonus - although it can also bring its problems. Some dogs suffer from grass allergies, with many having runny noses and itchy ears when they are affected, so for these poor canines artificial grass can be a more pleasurable option and add to their quality of life.

The feedback from our artificial grass customers who have dogs has, to date, been very rewarding. Indeed, many of them send us photographs of their dogs enjoying their artificial lawns such as the one below. They certainly look relaxed and happy pooches!

Then there is the issue of going on holiday ... many dog owners cannot take their dogs with them on holiday so they have to put them into boarding kennels. The kennels usually have dog runs - grassed areas where the dogs can run, play and have some exercise - but when bad weather comes, these dog runs can be hard hit, becoming muddy or frozen. It is therefore not surprising to learn that more animal boarding kennels are installing artificial grass on their dog runs.

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