Friday, 26 August 2011

Edinburgh Festival Cocktails & Artificial Grass

The market for artificial grass seems to know no bounds at the moment. Many homeowners are still only just beginning to realise the long-term benefits of installing artificial grass in their gardens, on their patios, decking or as a children's play area and commercial businesses are also waking up to the notion that they can add colour and practicality to their premises in one fell swoop by using artificial grass.

Take restaurants and bars for example. The ever-popular Edinburgh Festival takes place this month and it was interesting to see artificial grass mentioned in a Guardian newspaper review. It was not a performance review but a guide to the best cocktail bars in Edinburgh! The journalist picked out The Bramble cocktail bar and described how it stood out from the premises surrounding it by virtue of its artificial grass smoking area.

Using artificial grass carpet for smoking areas outside bars and restaurants is becoming more popular.

This photograph was taken in La Roche-Sur-Yon in SW France outside a bar/restaurant. Clearly they wanted their smoking customers to have a little more colour in their surroundings. Let's face it, staring down at a dirty and often chewing-gum strewn pavement is not the best of appetisers for a nice evening out!