Monday, 27 June 2011

IRB & FIH Approval For SIS Artificial Pitches

Artificial grass has a wide variety of uses, most if not all of which we have covered to date in our artificial grass blog. A good example is when it's used for artificial pitches for sports such as soccer, rugby, gaelic football, golf and tennis. We covered this at the end of last year in a special post about Support In Sport who offer the complete package of manufacture, design and supply of artificial sports pitches - see "Artificial Pitches - A New Generation Of Grass".

As a member of the SIS Group of companies, we were delighted to learn of the latest, significant accreditations they have been awarded with regard to the manufacture/supply of artificial sports pitches and are happy to share that information with our readers below ...

1. Hockey pitches - SIS is now an official FIH licensed manufacturer and installs FIH approved pitches. Their synthetic hockey grass is manufactured to a specification recognized by The Federation Internationale De Hockey and BS 7044 Part 4.

2. Rugby pitches - SIS is now an IRB Preferred Turf Producer and installs IRB approved pitches. SIS has developed two specific, synthetic rugby turf products which are designed to meet and exceed the IRB requirements. Both products have been developed in consultation with rugby coaches and players. Read more on this IRB Preferred Turf Producer news page.

If your idea of playing on artificial grass is, however, a little more 'homely' then take a look at our play grass page and our artificial grass gallery.