Thursday, 10 February 2011

Artificial Park Beats The Winter Blues

Artificial grass has many uses - as play grass, an artificial lawn, artificial putting green or even an artificial pitch - but here is a new application that New Yorkers have been finding really beneficial and enjoyable. It has been labelled the Indoor Pop Up Park.

The Openhouse Gallery opened 8 January for a limited few weeks but fast proved a hit with New Yorkers longing to get out of the wintry weather and for whom Spring and Summer days in the city's parks seem a long way off. The idea of the gallery was to offer a sense of warmth, nature and space and its manager was quoted as saying "If anything, we wanted to make people smile."

This 'indoor pop up park' is effectively a small artificial park. With a size of 4,500 square feet, the temperature inside is a very pleasant 75 degrees and its key furnishings are imitation trees, dried leaves and real rocks plus ... you guessed it ... artificial grass and lots of it.

Apparently, the effect is so authentic that people have been treating it like a real park - some even seeming to forget that they are indoors, sitting and staring at the ceiling for hours as if they are looking at the real sky! What's more, it seems to have appealed to all age groups, just like a real park, some people coming to sit and read books, others to meet with friends, play cards, drink a few beers together or couples just snuggling up on the soft grass for a cosy chat.

There's no doubt that the bleak winter weather in the UK leaves many people with little to smile about when they think of venturing outdoors. So it begs the question ... might an artificial park be something of a future feature in our British cities? We wouldn't be surprised!