Saturday, 20 November 2010

Grass Allergies - From Toddlers To Footballers

We have written previously about how artificial grass can help make life better for grass allergy sufferers. Our post entitled Your Ally - Artificial Grass quoted some fascinating statistics on hay fever sufferers in Britain and went into detail on how animals too can be affected.

Recent news headlines have again touched on the subject of grass allergies - this time with two very different stories.

The first is a heart-warming story involving a 4 year old boy in Britain who has a rare form of cerebral palsy and suffers from texture sensitivity. Touching certain things can make him physically sick and amongst those things is GRASS. Enjoying summer sunshine in the garden with his sister or going out with his family to the park or on a picnic are all 'no go' options for him sadly. However, the family have had an artificial lawn installed and the result is that little Harley can now go into the garden in his motorized wheelchair and play with his sister. Long may he and his family enjoy their artificial grass.

Here is a photograph of what an artificial lawn can look like. Other benefits include being green all year round without those horrible, yellow and faded patches, never again having muddy footprints brought into the house plus no more mowing or watering. Read more about the advantages of artificial grass.

The second story is quite a different one - that of a professional French footballer, Yoan Gouffran, who has finally found out what bothers him when he plays football - he's allergic to grass! Fortunately, it doesn't appear to be a serious allergy and is something he can live with but when his team plays on an artificial football pitch he's likely to be one player who is still smiling at the end of the game - win or lose!