Saturday, 30 October 2010

Medieval Castle Grass Problems

At the beginning of this year, we wrote a special feature on the dangers of mowing the grass. We focused our attention on the alarming statistics that have come to the fore in recent years ...

  • Over 60,000 Americans admitted to hospital A&E in a 5 year period because of lawn mower accidents (mainly ride-on mowers)
  • Over 6,000 British people injured every year (mainly from push-type lawn mowers)

Well the issue has now raised its head quite close to home for us here at Artificial Grass Ltd in Cumbria because one of the most important of all medieval castles, Carlisle Castle, is now under a grass cutting ban.

For those who have never visited Carlisle Castle, it has a grassed moat with a steep incline leading up to the base of the castle walls - a magnificent site as you approach it. According to reports, English Heritage which manages the castle, has opted for the grass cutting ban because they deem the steep grassy slopes simply too dangerous to mow. The result? Anger and frustration from the people of Carlisle because the biggest landmark in their city is likely to soon look unkempt.

So what's the solution? Are they going to remove the grass? Have they considered artificial grass? No-one seems to know right now. Something will have to be done, however, because this wonderful landmark deserves to retain its dignity.