Saturday, 25 September 2010

Flying Pets & Artificial Grass

All the world loves pets ... or so it seems. In United States especially, there is a growing number of people who want only the best for their pets - from pet care to pet fashion and more.

According to the latest reports, there is even a new, dedicated, pet airline company. Yes, you read that right ... an airline just for pets! They offer lots of information on why they came into being, how they will take care of your prized pooch or moggie and they even offer tips on how to prepare your pet for travel. From the list of pet owners' comments it appears a great success -

So what has this to do with artificial grass? Well, at some US airports they have even created what they call 'pet relief areas' (aka doggie bathrooms) so that dogs can 'lift a leg' in their own special rest area before boarding their flight! Apparently, the idea came about because of the need for designated "bathrooms" for service animals.

Reagan and Dulles airports have no less than 7 of these 'pet relief areas' outside the concourses where they use real grass but Dulles also has 2 areas actually inside their concourses, specially fitted out with artificial grass. These indoor doggie bathrooms feature:

  • an attractive fenced-in area complete with artificial grass
  • fake fire hydrant (for that all important doggie allure!)
  • bags for the owners to clean up afterwards

We already know that artificial grass is pet friendly ... dogs seem to love the softness and will readily use it for their toilet needs; it's also easy to clean afterwards and of course is 'all year round green'.

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