Friday, 23 July 2010

Grass Designs - What Would Morris Have Thought?

Britain has produced many brilliant designers over the years and perhaps one of the most celebrated both in his own time and today, is William Morris.

As our regular artificial grass blog readers will know, our grass factory is based in Cumbria, a county which is home to many innovative people, particularly crafts people. This summer, there is a special exhibition at Blackwell House in Cumbria dedicated to the life of William Morris - the man many regard as 'The father of the Arts & Crafts'. The exhibits include designs and samples as well as textiles by Morris plus photographs and books, all of which tell the story of not only his life as a designer but also his personal life, his writings and political beliefs.

If you visit the Morris Exhibition at Blackwell House during its first 4-5 weeks, you will also be treated to an extra, special and unique design - in the grass! It is a serious piece of artwork entitled 'LawnPaper' by environmental artist Steve Messam. Essentially, what Messam has done is to take wallpaper designs by William Morris and use them as the basis for grass designs cut into the lawns around Blackwell House. By using selective shading and trimming techniques, Messam believes his work remains loyal to the idealogy of the Arts & Crafts Movement of which Morris playing such a vital role. NOTE: the designs will grow out naturally as the grass grows so be sure to get your timing right if you want to see them!

This is a great example of natural grass being used in an unusual way. Having said that, artificial grass has an equally if not more remarkable list of applications to which it can be put. Visit our section dedicated to the uses of artificial grass on our website.