Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Soccer World Cup Fun Preserved By Artificial Grass!

Cutting the grass holds many disadvantages for a vast number of people. In the Artificial Grass Blog we have previously touched on these issues such as:

There is another disadvantage of mowing the grass which has not been on our list ... until now.

Q: What's that?
A: Being asked to mow the lawn when there's a Soccer World Cup match being played!

For those who have already had their artificial lawn installed (photo left), the Soccer World Cup is a joy to behold. They will have plenty of time and energy to relax in front of the tv and enjoy one of the world's best sporting events, knowing that whilst they do so, the rest of the family can be outside enjoying an idyllic lawn.

No more cries of "what about getting this grass cut?" or "there'll be no World Cup for you until this lawn is decent!"

For those who have still the obligation of grass cutting, well .……enjoy the World Cup IF you can … but promise yourself an artificial lawn before 2014!