Monday, 15 February 2010

The 'Green' Green Grass Of Home - For Chickens

Two of the benefits of artificial grass that we have talked about before are how it can help us care for the environment (saving on water and pesticides) and how it can be good for animals (dog runs and kennels).

Well it seems that one large scale industry will soon be adopting new production methods that include artificial grass when it has to meet new EU regulations aimed at protecting the environment and improving animal welfare. The industry .... chicken farming!

In 2012 the EU will require that industrial chicken farms provide enough space for the chickens to move around freely with access to natural light and fresh air and also that their cages are better equipped with a type of bed for each bird to rest on and with sand, grass or artificial grass in their base. Interesting to note that the worth of artificial grass has been recognised by the EU within these new requirements. Some might think this all sounds a little unrealistic but that’s not the case.

One company has already designed a new henhouse that will not only meet the new EU requirements but possibly surpass them. Agrotop’s new industrial henhouse is, they claim, completely 'green'. The coop is designed to blend in with its surroundings so as not to compromise the natural landscape and its roof houses wind turbines and photovoltaic cells so that it can produce its own wind and solar power for electricity generation. Not only that but there is recycling of wastewater and the chicken waste can be processed to produce biofuels, thus offering the chicken farmer a possible additional source of revenue. Read more about this henhouse of the future.

You can find more information about the environmental benefits of artificial grass on our website.