Monday, 30 November 2009

Alien Abductions & Artificial Grass

Christmas is coming! Every year at this time we see a huge surge in orders for our white artificial grass which is ideal for Christmas displays and of course Santa's Grotto. It adds a great 'snowy' feel to the setting and is available in rolls 1 yard wide with the maximum length of a roll being up to 25 yards. As artificial grass manufacturers we are also able to offer a favourable price! Check out our Snow Grass today.

You might think the story for Christmas use of artificial grass ends there ... but you would be wrong. Amongst the usual plethera of new gadgets recently launched onto the market as Christmas gifts, there is a really novel one that uses artificial grass - the Alien Abduction Lamp. You might just be wondering how on earth artificial grass could be combined with a lamp and aliens - that was our first reaction too! But it's true .... as the picture shows it is a decorative lamp (apparently not ideal as a reading lamp) containing a 'beam' made from moulded acrylic. It uses low energy LED lights and comes with an 'abductee' which is usually a cow, though you can of course use one of your own characters or models. And of course, the cow has to be on grass so a small circular piece of artificial grass offers the ideal setting. Well you couldn't use real grass could you?!

This is one of the most novel ways in which we have seen artificial grass used as an 'accessory' but we are sure it won't be the last!

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