Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Grass As A Fashion Accessory

Such a phrase would at one time have generated a wry smile of disbelief on many people’s faces … but not in today’s world! Yes, believe it or not, grass has become the latest target for the fashion industry and in particular the perfume and gadget manufacturers.

“Eau de Mow”
In Australia, a recent news item generated worldwide interest when it announced the launch of a new perfume called “Eau de Mow”. The scent is called Serenascent and was developed by scientists at the University of Queensland, Brisbane who found that a chemical produced by freshly-cut grass actually helps people to be more relaxed. It is believed that the calming effect is linked to the chemical’s impact on the amygdala and hippocampus regions in the brain. Relieving stress is of course a key issue in many people’s lives today so the scientists are hoping for success when the perfume finally goes into production – expected any time. One thought that occurred to us here … what about grass allergy sufferers. Will they will be OK with this perfume? Could be it’s not for everyone!”

"Grassy Lawn Charging Station”
Most people have a couple of gadgets that need regular charging – a mobile phone and a camera for example. Well if you don’t like having to look at the untidy tangle of wires or cables whilst they are sitting on charge, there is now a handy solution. It’s a charging station that comes complete with its own “grassy lawn”. Yes, you can now put your gadgets on charge together sitting on a bed of artificial grass with all the wires neatly tucked away out of sight! Not something for everyone perhaps but for those with several gadgets and an eye for ‘designer’ looks, it might be just the right solution. You can read more here