Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Summer Sneezing? Your Ally - Artificial Grass

The sunshine of summer is here again and whilst it's a time most people look forward to, it isn't the case for everyone, especially 'Hay Fever' sufferers.

Last summer we wrote about grass allergies which can cause sore eyes, a running nose, headaches and a poor quality of sleep for many people. The 4 months of May, June, July and August tend to see an abundance of grass pollens such as meadow grass and rye and right now we are in the middle of that key period. On top of that the Met Office has predicted warm and sunny weather for the end of June, possibly into July, so if you are a grass allergy sufferer, you might just end up with tears in your eyes if you go anywhere near grassed areas, whether newly mown or not!

According to statistics from the BBC, there are about 9 million people in Britain who currently struggle to cope with the effects of 'Hay Fever'. There is some excellent advice on the BBC's current Hay Fever page for anyone interested in ways to alleviate their suffering.

Interestingly from our point of view as artificial grass manufacturers, they suggest that you plan your garden carefully. They also suggest asking someone else to cut your garden grass for you and that you should consider using the water sprinkler to dampen down the pollen before you sit in the garden. Another interesting tip is to dampen down the fur of any pets who have been playing on the grass by using a damp towel as they may well have picked up pollen in their coats.

Sound advice and most welcome BUT if you had an artificial lawn in your garden you would not have to worry about any of these actions. What's more, your pets could benefit as well because:

a) they would not run the risk of a pollen allergy - apparently animals can experience grass allergies just as humans do, though they tend to get itchy ears rather than suffer respiratory problems. Read more about hay fever in animals.

b) they would be able to enjoy much more time in the garden - after heavy rain they wouldn't be at risk of getting all muddy and dirty;

c) pet dogs who love to dig (and there are plenty of them around!) would no longer be able to ruin your lawn so they too might enjoy much more freedom.

You can read more about artificial grass and pets on our website.

Artificial grass has the kind of benefits that go beyond most people's thinking and we hope that by sharing this kind of information with the general public it will help engender greater confidence and trust in what is an incredibly versatile product, ideal for today's lifestyle.