Thursday, 30 April 2009

May Day Discount Celebrations With Artificial Grass

Being the leading UK artificial grass manufacturer selling direct to the public, we know from customer feedback that our grass products meet the highest standards. Our 1 to 1 direct relationship, however, holds other benefits - particularly for our customers, because we are able to occasionally offer some fantastic discounts.

The month of May sees us continuing to offer a VERY special deal of 35% discount across the whole of our artificial grass range.

Why would we do that? Because being a British manufacturer with a British workforce, we are keenly aware that many families are finding the economics of running a home very difficult to manage at this time. Moreover, a home is not a home if you have a garden and cannot enjoy it.

May heralds the definitive arrival of Spring, a time when you need to get out and start to make something of your garden so that your family and your pets can enjoy this special time of year, hopefully looking ahead to warm, sunny days and bbqs!

So if you haven't yet thought of using artificial grass in your garden, now's the time to consider it. Get out this May Day Bank Holiday weekend and measure it all up, then check out our artificial grass online store for a free, no-obligation quotation.

Just think of it …
  • no more mowing
  • no more watering (helping you save on those hefty water bills)
  • no more muddy feet and paws being dragged indoors on a wet day
  • no more yellowing, discoloured patches when the weather is inconsistent.

All of that along with a 35% discount - it's got to be tempting!

Any questions please don't hesitate to call our Customer Service on 0800 6521281.