Sunday, 15 February 2009

Throw Out The Grass Mower - Go Racing Instead!

This is the time of year many people start thinking about what lies ahead to do in the garden ahead of Spring. For anyone with a garden, the upkeep and maintenance can be demanding. So if last year, you got tired of mowing the lawn, then why not give it up and install artificial grass!

That's not all though because apart from reaping the benefits of artificial grass such as more time for leisure, helping to improve the environment, not having to pay for or use pesticides etc, you don't actually have to throw away the mower. You could go lawn mower racing instead! Sounds crazy? Not a bit - there are lots of people getting into this fast growing sport.

For example, in our area of Cumbria there is the North West Lawn Mower Racing Association which races all over the North of England and Midlands. Races are held for a variety of levels - from Group 1 (the smaller run-behind mowers) up to Group 4 (small bonneted tractor). There are of course very important safety issues to consider before you can actually go mower racing. They vary with each Group level of machine and these are spelled out in their Lawn Mower Racing FAQ page.

Even if you decide against going racing with your old lawn mower, you might still want to go and watch others taking part in what sounds like a fun day out.

The British Lawn Mower Racing Association carries lots of information for spectators of the sport including forthcoming events and lawn mower race meetings