Thursday, 8 January 2009

Roll Out The Green Carpet For Your Garage

It’s the time of year for thinking about protection against cold and frost – be it for your home or your car. Last year we told our readers about how The Prince of Wales had used artificial grass as garage floor carpeting in order to provide better insulation. The impetus for doing so had apparently been that the biodiesel engine in his new Range Rover was susceptible to low overnight temperatures.

However, you don’t have to own a biodiesel engine vehicle to justify some garage insulation. Energy costs as we all know have been driven sky high in recent months and we all to be more energy conscious for the sake of the environment and save on fossil fuels. So insulating your garage is important for a variety of reasons.

When considering garage insulation many people think only of the walls and ceiling. They might even install roller garage doors that provide not only good insulation but extra security. However, it’s the garage floor that is often neglected and it’s not surprising really. After all, standard carpet isn’t going to last very long nor is it going to look appropriate. With artificial grass carpet, however, your garage floor can look great and benefit from extra insulation at the same time.

So if you’re thinking about improving your garage insulation, feel free to call our Customer Service team on UK Freephone 0800 6521281 for advice on how artificial grass could be the solution for you.