Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Nativity Grass

Regular readers of our blog will already know about our white artificial grass which is popular for Santa’s Grottos – see our special feature this time last year.

White artificial grass has a wide range of applications, especially at Christmas – from shop window dressing to theatrical and stage use as well as in schools and nurseries. Using some of our snow grass at home in your conservatory is another option; a great way to enhance a display of Christmas cards or perhaps things your children have made specially for Christmas.

This photo was taken last week in the pedestrian area of Carlisle city centre where thousands of shoppers will pass through over the coming weeks on their way to do their Christmas shopping. Amongst the tall, green Christmas trees and array of coloured lighting, one thing stands out as special – a Christmas nativity scene which dazzles with white lights, all standing on a base covered with artificial grass.

However, it is not white artificial grass but green. Why? Well, we’re not entirely sure but it could be one of two things …

  • the builders did not know at the time that white artificial grass is even available

  • because a display of white figures with white lighting on white grass would not offer sufficient contrast, hence green artificial grass offered the perfect compliment.
    • Either way, it’s another endorsement of how artificial grass has a myriad of uses in situations where natural grass just would not work.