Friday, 12 December 2008

The Growing Importance Of Permeable Surfacing

New government legislation recently came into force in an attempt to combat the risk of flooding which has hit many areas of Britain so hard in recent years. Homeowners are now required to seek planning permission if they want to pave over more than 5m2 of their front garden using impermeable materials such as tarmac or concrete. The reason? These materials prevent rainwater soaking into the ground and so can add to the risk of flooding.

Apparently, the number of people who have paved over their gardens in recent years in the London area alone has led to the loss of green space equal in size to no less than 22 times the size of Hyde Park!

People naturally want to improve their quality of life at home so it’s very common for a family to think of paving over their front garden to accommodate an extra car. Many homeowners also opt for a concrete patio as well so they can avoid having to set their table and chairs onto muddy grass after heavy rainfall. This is where artificial grass is a great solution. It not only gives you a mud-free area that is far more pleasant under foot and visually than a concrete patio, but it is permeable so rain can soak through into the ground.

It’s not surprising therefore that more paving and driveway specialists are coming to Artificial Grass Ltd to supplement their range of paving products. Read how one paving specialist has even set up his own artificial grass store front to help get the message across to the public.

More details on the legislation affecting driveway paving can be found on the government’s Business Link website.