Sunday, 16 November 2008

Rooftop Grass Growing Fast

Enjoying a rooftop garden is nothing new. We have advocated the benefits of rooftop gardens since the early days of the Artificial Grass Blog and our post back in May 2007 ‘Roof Gardens: A Cool Lifestyle In A Hot City’ has been one of the most popular to date.

Looking beyond the UK and indeed beyond Europe to countries much further afield where hot climates prevail, there has recently been a significant increase in rooftop garden construction.

Take South Korea for example. In Seoul, building owners can get up to 70% of the cost of creating a roof garden as a subsidy from the local government which has been promoting ‘green Seoul’ projects since as far back as 2002. Many office workers in the city benefit from this, opting to take a relaxing break or even hold some of their meetings in the more pleasant surroundings that their building’s roof garden offers.

The therapeutic benefits of roof gardens in Seoul are not restricted to office workers though. Hospital patients are also able to enjoy them, a good example of that being Eunpyeong Hospital in Seoul which has built a rooftop garden on the top of their building specifically for use by its patients. According to a spokesperson for the hospital the garden “can help patients stay in an emotionally comfortable condition and have a positive mind … the green environment is especially helpful for those suffering from depression.” Read the full article here