Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Grass Storefront Success

One of the more interesting and perhaps unexpected success stories for artificial grass distribution is in the number of paving and driveway specialists that are now using and promoting the product.

Anthony Pownall operates a well established driveway and paving company (Pownall Paving) and earlier this year started using our artificial grass as a complimentary product alongside his paving work. Such was the level of interest that he decided more people in his local area of Stalybridge should know about the product rather than wait to have a driveway done before thinking about it.

The result ... an artificial grass storefront sited on the main traffic thoroughfare of the town!

Passing cars stop at the traffic lights right in front of Anthony's store where he has a display of artificial grass in the window as well as a super, new sign above the shop entrance. When people enter the shop they are greeted by a range of artificial grass samples. They can browse and take a close look at the difference in colours available and also, perhaps most importantly, to feel the quality of the product. After all, not many people would invest in a new carpet without first calling in at the carpet store to do the same thing. Artificial grass is no different - you need to see and feel before you buy and that is where this paving specialist has used his initiative to forge ahead of the competition.

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