Friday, 10 October 2008

A Technical Textile: Artificial Grass

Technical textiles - one of the newer terms in the already wide vocabulary synonomous with artificial grass and astro turf type products. It's definitely not used by home owners nor by landscapers and sports pitch builders. So who might refer to artificial grass as a technical textile?

Well it seems to be popular with yarn manufacturers and tabloid financial editors when referring to companies that produce or deal in 'fibrous structures'. There is also the academic sector where people study technical textiles so they can work within or provide services to the international industrial textile community.

Artificial grass is only one of many, many types of technical textiles that might be studied - others include geosynthetics, composites and a whole range of industrial fabrics used in outdoor protective clothing, equipment and sportswear. And that's about as technical we're going to get on technical textiles! Our previous post on the vagaries of artificial grass terminology covers many of the other terms.

Anyone interested in a career in technical textiles might like to read the Centre For Technical Textiles in Leeds website.