Thursday, 25 September 2008

Grass Fit For A Falcon

Artificial grass has many applications and it's nice to occasionally cover some of the more unusual ones for the benefit of our readers. Previously we have talked about it being used as vivarium grass where owners of lizards and snakes find grass carpet ideal for vivarium lining. Well, here's another interesting use involving 'live' creatures - falconry.

Falconry displays are quite commonplace these days. You can either go to a falconry centre or even chance upon a display whilst out and about in the country, perhaps visiting a special event at a castle or country fair.

So where does artificial grass come in? Well, in between their flying, the birds have to sit and rest on wooden posts/perches and if you look closely you'll find many of them are covered in artificial grass. One of our team recently saw a falconry display where the posts were covered like this and so asked the event manager (Geoff of Frontline Falconry) why.

Apparently, artificial grass serves 2 purposes:

  • it provides an undulating surface (as opposed to smooth wood) which is important for the birds' feet to have good circulation. Poor circulation can apparently lead to 'bumble foot'.
  • it offers the birds a good surface grip when landing/moving on their posts

If you haven't seen what we're talking about here there's a falconry website that shows artificial grass on the posts: