Thursday, 28 August 2008

Greener Grass For Younger Generation

As we've previously reported, play areas with an astro turf grass surface are becoming increasingly popular. The benefits of this latest generation of artificial grass are ideal for encouraging children to enjoy their playtime outdoors. Perhaps this is why more schools are now opting to have astro turf grass installed for their sports pitches.

Astro turf makes the ideal multi-use pitch where a variety of sports can be played including hockey and football. In the USA astro turf grass pitches have been popular with schools and colleges for many years. The US market was quick to recognise the advantages of this type of sports pitch, especially low maintenance and all year round availability.

Our factory has produced artificial grass for a variety of UK schools and colleges over the years, especially for Multi Games Use (MUGAS) and the level of enquiries received at the factory for this type of application seem to increase year upon year. Of course the specification of the grass for an astro turf type sports surface is different to the artificial grass we supply to our domestic customers for use in their gardens. It is our understanding of these factors that enables us to confidently supply the most suitable grass for each and every one of our customers.

So whether you are a head of school considering the idea of using astro turf grass or whether you just have a back patio that you would like to improve, feel free to contact our Customer Services Team on our UK Freephone for advice and guidance.

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