Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Boarding Kennels Grass

Britain is known to be a nation of pet lovers and millions of households have a pet dog. Going on holiday and taking one's dog along may be getting easier with dog friendly hotels on the increase, but travelling overseas is another matter. This is when many families who don't have friends and relatives that they can leave their dog with to be looked after whilst they're away, have to turn to boarding kennels. Thankfully, there are many boarding kennels in Britain and the facilities they offer are of a high standard.

One of the most important areas in boarding kennels is the dog exercise area where your dog can be allowed to run and play, enjoying fresh air and crucial exercise. However, British weather being what it is with its regular rainfall, dog runs can be rendered slippy and nothing short of a mud bath. Inevitably, therefore, there are many days in the calendar when boarding kennels simply cannot let the dogs get their exercise.

This is where artificial grass really comes into its own and can offer kennel owners a real solution and the dog owners peace of mind. Our installation team recently installed an artificial grass play area for dogs at boarding kennels in Horsham. The owners were tired of the mud problems they had to endure and as part of their desire to improve the quality of facilities for dogs boarded there, they approached Artificial Grass Ltd to see if we could help. It's been a real success story and you can read more about it on our boarding kennel grass installation page.