Saturday, 26 July 2008

Holiday Complex Lawns & Fake Grass

Amongst the many enquiries we receive for our grass products we have noticed an increasing number of people interested in having a fake lawn after they return from a holiday in the sun. Initially that may seem a little strange but it's because more and more holiday complexes and apartment complexes are installing fake grass in their communal areas.

This is particularly so in hot climates such as Spain and Portugal where natural grass can suffer long term punishment under the hot sun, drying out and turning hard and yellow - not exactly what you want to look out onto or experience underfoot whilst on holiday.

Recommended reading: "Where the rain in Spain is not enough" article on the UNESCO site.

Many apartment complexes have a communal swimming pool where the surrounding grass area gets a lot of wear and tear. Natural grass simply doesn't work well in this context - and that's irrespective of the climate. The answer is to use fake grass - it's soft under foot, permeable and will look green all year round.

The other main consideration for holiday apartment complexes is the shortage of water in the summer months. Therefore to maintain natural grassed communal areas they would need to water them regularly, possibly daily and that of course is a waste of a precious and expensive commodity. Again, this is where fake grass comes in as the most viable option.

Photo: An apartment complex in Mallorca where our fake grass was installed.