Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Is Artificial Grass As Good As Grass?

Every day our artificial grass sales team deals with enquiries and orders for our artificial grass products. One of the most common questions we are asked is whether artificial grass is as good as grass. So we thought we would dedicate this blog article to the subject and demonstrate how it's not only as good as grass but, in many ways, is much better.

Artificial grass offers a whole range of advantages - here are just a few:

  • Saving time that would otherwise be spent on mowing the lawn

  • Saving money:
    a) by not having to use pesticides and lawn improvement products
    b) if you're on a water meter, you won't have to water the lawn in hot weather

  • Helping the environment:
    a) by using less water in the garden - it has been estimated that in the summer, around 3/4 of the UK's residential water is used on people's lawns
    b) pesticides can be damaging to the environment so best to avoid them
    c) grass cuttings contribute to air pollution - according to Australian scientists, the moment you cut your grass, an antibiotic type gas is released contributing to the hydrocarbons in the surrounding air.
    Read more about "Grass Gas"
    We also have our own page Environmental Benefits Of Artificial Grass
  • A strong, "all year round green" is offered by artificial grass because, unlike real grass, it does not go yellow and discolour in hot weather, nor does it go brown and muddy after a lot of rain

  • Artificial grass is easier to keep clean and maintain where pets are concerned - real grass areas can suffer serious degradation by pets

Whatever the application you're considering for your artificial grass - at home for a play area, an artificial lawn, a pathway or as grass carpet around a swimming pool or perhaps in the commercial sector as display grass for an exhibition area - the advantages are considerable. If you don't believe us, read some of our customer testimonials - see our page: "Is Artificial Grass As Good As Grass"